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VATER is a feature-length documentary film about my Vater (German : father)who was absent from my life since my parents divorced when I was 3 years old. Ever sincehe was like a phantom; I knew of and about him, but he was never there, and there was no real interaction between usapart from a handful of long-distance calls.


He lived a multiplicity of lives since the breakup with my mom, and has now agreed to share his wild stories with me. While my mother lovingly and self-sacrificingly raised me in Berlin, my father lived the life of a nomad, a freak, an outcast - gathering experiences and stories that I knew nothing about. Until now.

During all these yearsmy father embarked on an identity questin an attempt to answer the grand questions of his existence,  revolving around belongingrelationshipsmasculinityfamilymoneyspirituality and rebellion.


All this leads to the ultimate question: Who is he - and which part of myself will I find in him?

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